Therapy for Women in the United Kingdom

Therapy for Women in the United Kingdom

You haven’t admitted it to your friends, your family, or your partner yet, but you’re struggling. Maybe you haven’t even let yourself acknowledge how hard things have been. But all of a sudden, you’re lonelier than ever. Nobody knows what it’s like to be you, in your body, with your lived experiences. And it’s just not like you to ask for help or support. Everyone has their own problems without hearing about your struggles, too. So, you’ve kept this to yourself, putting your most put-together self into the world. But the disconnect happening between the internal and external versions of yourself has left you lonely, disconnected, and unfulfilled.

Therapy Helps Women with Many Issues

Image of women looking up. This image could depict someone who has recently met with a therapist for women in the United Kingdom. Women’s counselling in the United Kingdom could help you, too.

You’re not the only woman who has felt this way, and you certainly won’t be the last. In my years as a therapist for women, I have helped many individuals reconnect with themselves, helping them live a more authentic, fulfilled life. With a kind, collaborative style in counseling sessions, I help women with many different issues. Additionally, I work with female and femme identifying folx in therapy for women. Please know that when working with me, individuals of all backgrounds and identities are welcomed and celebrated.

Therapy for Women in Life Transitions

Throughout our lives, we go through many, many changes. And as humans, change can be difficult. You get out of your comfort zone and your normal routine. Relationships begin, shift, and end. And the fear of the unknown can be paralyzing at times. It can make you second guess yourself and question if your bravery was a mistake.

While you’re going through these major changes of your own, the other women in your life are also starting and ending chapters. Perhaps the friends you’ve had forever are starting families or settling down. And while you’re truly happy for them, you just don’t get it. When you get together, conversations center around baby formula, poopy diapers, and stroller brands. Since when did being a mother become the most interesting thing to your friends? Where did their individuality go? You swear to yourself that you’ll never fall into that lifestyle. Forever and ever, it’s you and your love for life and adventure against the world.

Therapy for Women Who Are Expats

As an expat myself, I know that there are many reasons one chooses to leave the United States. This has made me passionate about helping other women who have made the move across the pond or beyond. With that being said, I also know about the struggles women face as they create new lifestyles in an unfamiliar place. 

Often, I work with women who have moved great distances to be with their partner or keep their family together. Sometimes, this means moving out of the U.S. and becoming an expat. This can create identity struggles for the family members following along. For partners, this can bring up questions like “What is my purpose here?” meaning in this particular situation as well as in the grand scheme of life.

This image could depict someone who is attending therapy for women in the United Kingdom. A therapist for women could help you today.

On the other hand, perhaps you became an expat by your own means. Whether you found an incredible opportunity outside of the U.S. or were just ready to get out of the country for some time, you’re doing it! You’re making this decision strictly for yourself and your future. But, what will day to day life look like for you now? Where is your community? What pieces of your identity are shifting? How do you deal with the loneliness of moving to a new place?

Therapy for Women with Insomnia and/or Anxiety

We know that women are put under an exceptional amount of pressure. There’s the pressure to be thin and beautiful. And there’s an expectation to be quiet, never taking up too much space. On top of that, we’re supposed to have children, get married, and have a career. But, we have to balance our time between all of this perfectly. What the world expects of us is simply unrealistic. 

But you’re human. And you have real needs and desires. The world’s pressure to be a certain way can cause immense anxiety. And you’re not too sensitive or overreacting for feeling overwhelmed by the world. The chest tightness, racing heart, and sweaty palms are valid. However, you have the power to manage anxiety and center yourself when the overwhelm creeps in. Anxiety therapy can make a world of a difference in the way you navigate the world. 

Therapy for Women in the United Kingdom Can Help

If you choose to work with me for therapy, you’ll be met with a compassionate spirit and an open mind. Helping women explore their deepest desires is one of my greatest passions. Let’s find out what your path in life looks like, free of outside expectations and internal doubts. 

Whether you’re an expat or are going through a major life transition, therapy can help you process your worries, fears, or excitements. Additionally, meeting with me for anxiety therapy or CBT-I for insomnia can make a huge difference in your day-to-day functioning.

This image could depict someone who has recently received help from a therapist for women in the United Kingdom. We can meet you via online counselling in London to make it easier for you.

Many of the women I see at my online therapy practice for anxiety therapy also struggle with insomnia. Symptoms like troubling falling asleep, waking up in the night, or having trouble staying awake in the day can be rooted in anxiety. As a therapist trained in CBT-I, I help women work through insomnia and manage anxiety.

It is an honor for me to work with women living in the United States and United Kingdom at my online therapy practice. Due to my licenses, I can work with folx from both continents. Learn more about where I offer therapy here.

I encourage you to think about what’s holding you back from starting therapy. Working with a therapist for women can be the difference between continuing floating along in life and making changes that stick. Find your individuality. Let’s identify your meaning. If you’re ready to get started with therapy for women via online therapy sessions, follow the steps below.

  1. Schedule a free 20-minute consultation with me!
  2. Get to know me and see if I’d make a good addition to your life!
  3. Start feeling empowered as a woman in this challenging world.

Other Services at ChangeWorks

I know that mental health is complex, and women and femme folx deal with many hard things. You are more than one issue! That’s why I specialize in many different services. I offer therapy for women who are struggling with big emotions with therapy for life transitions, mindfulness-based therapy, and online anxiety therapy. I also specialize in online therapy for expats and CBT for insomnia (CBTI). All of my services operate via online therapy in the UK so your schedule doesn’t have to get in the way of your healing. Whatever challenges you face, I’d love to meet you and see if we’d be a good fit.