Therapy for College Students

Whoa, whoa, whoa… where did the time go? So much has changed in the past few years! Starting this new phase of your life has been exciting, but also intimidating and overwhelming. You’re not the only one who feels like college has brought on new challenges. In fact, roughly 40% of college students experience at least one mental health challenge. And even if you aren’t facing a particular diagnosis, you can certainly be struggling with the major changes that accompany being a college student.

Navigating Changes as a College Student

This image is of someone working on a computer and smiling. This image may depict someone who has gone to therapy for young adults. Working with a young adult therapist in Chicago, IL can be a great support.

Whether you have moved to a new city, state, or even country to pursue your studies, you have a lot to adjust to. It’s likely that you aren’t living under your parents’ roof anymore, which brings uncertainty about many things. Not only are you worried about school, but there’s also forming new friendships and navigating the dating scene. And you wouldn’t be alone if you’re missing your friends from home. On top of that, you’re learning how to keep up with your laundry, grocery shopping, and other chores. This is the very unsexy part about “adulting” that can actually bring on a lot of stress.

Having full responsibility for yourself and keeping up with all your tasks can be a huge change for college students. Yes, the freedom to come and go as you please and make decisions 100% on your own is great, but there’s much more to it.

Young Adults Go Through a Lot

Whether you’re a first-year student or even a senior, it’s likely you’ve had some bumps in the road with creating a support system in college. When you move somewhere new, it takes a while to really find where you’re comfortable. You see people around you getting closer, but you might not feel like you totally fit in yet.Image of college students working together. This could be a group who has begun meeting with a university counsellor in the United Kingdom. You too, can begin counselling for students in the United Kingdom for support!

Additionally, maybe you’re experimenting with alcohol and drugs and that’s introduced a different element to relationships. And maybe you’re exploring aspects of your identity, like your sexual orientation, gender identity, or cultural background. Being exposed to new people, places, and ideas can bring up lots of questions about yourself and your world. So there’s truly so much you’re probably going through as a college student! This is where therapy for college students in Chicago, IL comes in.

A Young Adult Therapist Can Help College Students

As someone going through a number of life transitions, you deserve to be heard and supported. Meeting with a young adult therapist can give you an unbiased perspective on circumstances causing you distress. Yes, talking with friends and family can be helpful too. But with a young adult therapist, you can speak freely without fear of hurting feelings or receiving unsolicited advice or invalidation. Therapy can be a safe space for you to process your anxieties, struggles with relationships, self-discovery, and more.

This image depicts college students working on homework. This image represents how helpful university counselling in London, UK can be for college students. Start meeting with a university counsellor for counselling for students in Edinburgh, UK.

I’ve worked with many college students during my career as a therapist. So, I know that like many other students, you’re likely not getting great sleep. And while I am a huge proponent of healthy sleep habits, I also recognize that college students have lots of responsibilities that keep them up later in the night and get them up earlier in the morning. 

Thankfully, my online therapy practice based in the United Kingdom can accompany the schedules of students from all over. Chicago-based college students are six hours ahead of my time zone, so we can meet for either early morning or late-night sessions. And students studying in the United Kingdom, from London to Edinburgh to Manchester and even Surrey can meet with me for convenient online therapy sessions too.

Ready to Get Started with Therapy for College Students in Chicago, IL and Beyond?

Meeting with students and working through relational, professional, and personal roadblocks has been a passion of mine for years. I’ve found counseling sessions to be incredibly helpful in aiding young adults as they explore independence. With that being said, I hope that you’ll give me the chance to help you find balance and make meaning of this impactful time in your life as a college student. To get started with online therapy sessions, follow the simple steps below.

  • Fill out the contact form to get connected.
  • Meet with a young adult therapist who really gets it.
  • Begin thriving in young adulthood and finding confidence in yourself and your decisions!

Other Services at ChangeWorks

As a young adult, you’re going through a lot. I want to help create solutions for all of the struggles you’re experiencing through therapy. That’s why I also provide both individual and group therapy services. My specialties also include CBT for insomnia, anxiety therapy, and therapy for ex-pats. In addition, I also offer therapy for women to address the unique life transitions and experiences feminine individuals go through. Feel free to learn more about online therapy in the UK and beyond or check out the FAQs for more helpful info!