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Providing counseling services in Illinois, Indiana, Florida, and the United Kingdom.


Welcome to ChangeWorks

ChangeWorks is dedicated to helping busy professionals overcome anxiety, burnout, and imposter syndrome to live more fulfilled lives.

You are diligent about keeping on top of things and it’s gotten you pretty far. Yet, you find yourself asking “I’m running myself ragged for this?” You’ve ticked all the boxes but still is not enough. You keep asking yourself “There’s got to be something more, right?” You find yourself on this never-ending treadmill and when you achieve one goal, you’re already on to the next…. 

You believed everything would be better when you achieved this next goal, but you still feel unsatisfied, unhappy, not enough… It’s impacting your relationships, your sleep… your health. I help those trapped in this cycle start finding joy in life again. My ideal client knows something isn’t working and is wanting to explore a different way of living.

About Me

I’m Jen, and I’ve been practicing as a Licensed Psychologist since 2007. I am licensed/registered to practice in the United States (Indiana, Illinois, Florida, all PsyPact States), the United Kingdom, and currently provide online therapy sessions with folks located internationally through my own practice, ChangeWorks Psychology

Previously, I’ve held multiple leadership roles, including the Director of the Counseling Center at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine and still am involved in multiple projects as a Research Professor. I worked as a Director and the Program Coordinator for the Partial Hospitalization Program at Insight Behavioral Health Centers, and the Counselor and Coordinator of Health and Wellness at Northwestern University in Qatar.

I believe that therapy is a working partnership where we create a plan together to address what needs to change, learn skills to cope with and accept what we can’t change, and take action with the known variables we have. I work to create a supportive and safe environment so my clients can explore what’s working and what’s not in their lives and provide a little push with encouragement when needed. 

I have worked for years with busy, successful, high-achieving professionals who feel stressed, anxious, depressed, and struggle with feeling like they’re not doing enough or being enough. On the outside, they look put-together and confident, juggling it all so well… yet living in fear of “dropping the ball.” They might think they need to “do-it-all” but find themselves wondering if they’re planning their lives around others’ expectations and wants rather than building the life that they really want for themselves. 

Perfectionism, overworking, lack of a work-life balance, and the high demands of certain jobs such as working in the medical or veterinary field can have detrimental effects such as burnout, insomnia, anxiety, eating disorders, and body image issues. 

I also have experience working with expats, immigrants, study abroad students, and professionals who travel frequently and enjoy helping clients navigate their new environments and figure out how to thrive. I, myself, have lived abroad for over 10 years in Qatar, Guatemala, St. Kitts, and the United Kingdom. 

In addition to working with individuals, I am also a board-certified group psychotherapist, Certified Mindfulness-Based Reduction Instructor (MBSR), and Chartered Psychologist. And I am passionate about helping individuals get out of their heads and start living intentional, value-driven lives. 

I know that you’re busy and don’t have the time or energy to spend on things that don’t work–especially given the face-paced lifestyle you live. I use evidence-based strategies that are customized to meet your unique needs, and I also offer free phone consultations so that you can get a feel for whether we could be a good fit. 

Providing services in Indiana, Illinois, Florida,
PsyPact States, the United Kingdom.

Please inquire if you are located in other countries.

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