Online Therapy in the UK

Online Therapy in the UK

There are many reasons to consider online therapy.

A cat lays on the arm of their owner, typing on a laptop. This could symbolize the comfort of online therapy in the UK. Learn more about online therapy in the United Kingdom by contacting an online anxiety therapist today. 60604

Your life may be hectic. You need mental health support but do not have time to go to an in-person therapy session right now. Or maybe, you do not want to deal with a commute or the tube to see a therapist. But, that leaves you with few options to work with a therapist in person. 

Yet, finding time for counselling may not be your main concern.

You may be more concerned with others knowing that you’re working with a therapist. After all, people talk and word travels fast in your community. You may also live in a small village that has few options for therapists. None of whom may specialize in treating the concern you’re having. You need more options for counsellors so you can find a person who can best treat your concerns.

Time is of the essence when it comes to seeing a therapist.

So, your biggest complaint may be trying to find a therapist through the National Health Service (NHS). You don’t mind paying out of pocket for therapy. You just want to work with someone who specializes in the issues you’re having. And, can schedule your appointment quickly. All these concerns are grounds for considering online therapy. The good news is, online therapy is as effective as in-person counselling at treating a variety of mental health concerns. You can meet with me and get the support you’ve been looking for from the comfort of your surroundings.

Regardless of if you live in:

  • Woking
  • Guilford
  • London
  • Cobham
  • Edinburgh
  • Newcastle
  • Manchester
  • York
  • Glasgow

The Benefits of Online Therapy in the United Kingdom

Online Therapy Gives You Easy Access to a Skilled Counsellor

Finding a therapist who specializes in treating the concerns your concerns may feel like a real hassle. Especially if you’re going through the NHS. Maybe you feel overwhelmed just for searching for a counsellor in London. But, online therapy with a private-pay therapist can solve those challenges. As long as you’re located in the United Kingdom I can meet with you.
I believe you deserve high quality psychological services and the support counselling can provide. I can treat anxiety, social anxiety, depression, transition stress, insomnia, and more.

A couple sit together as they type on a laptop. Online therapy in the United Kingdom can help individuals and couples from the comfort of home. Contact an online therpaist in the UK to learn more about online anxiety therapy and other services. 60604 Online Therapy is Flexible

When you’re a busy student or professional, you can’t meet with a therapist during normal office hours. You need flexible and convenient appointment times. At Change Works Psychological Services, we offer convenient evening and weekend appointments. We hold appointments that can easily fit into your hectic schedule. In general, online counselling is often easier to schedule around work and family commitments. 

Online Therapy is Private and Confidential

One of the most notable benefits of online therapy is that it is private and confidential. You don’t have to worry about being seen going to a counselling clinic or therapist’s office. Instead, you can meet with a therapist from the privacy of your own home. Furthermore, our online therapy platform is HIPPA compliant and your information is secure.

Online Therapy is Convenient and Comfortable

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is go out again. But if you’re struggling with your mental health or stress, it is important to make it to regular counselling appointments. However, but the idea of meeting with a stranger in a strange office environment can be daunting.
That’s where online counselling comes in. You can meet with a counsellor from the comfort of your own home, making it easier to open up about sensitive subjects. When you work with an online therapist, you can do that! You can meet with a therapist from the comfort of your surroundings. So, you can curl up with your favorite cup of tea, have your pet sitting by your side and simply login to speak to your therapist.

Online Therapy is Effective as In Person Therapy

If you’ve felt overwhelmed trying find a counsellor and are now considering trying online counselling instead you might worry that online counselling is somehow inferior to in person counselling. However, research shows online counselling is just as effective as in person psychological services. In fact, sometimes it is more effective because you’re able to work with a specialist who you wouldn’t have otherwise been able to travel to see for counselling sessions on a regular basis.

Our Online Therapy Services

Change Works Psychological Services offers a variety of services to best meet your unique needs. These include:

Change Works Psychological Services’ Approach to Online Therapy in the United Kingdom

As a skilled online therapist, I conduct online therapy in the same way we conduct in-person conselling. The difference is, we’re meeting over a secure video platform. These video sessions will feel much like talking to friends and family over Zoom or FaceTime. Sometimes, I’ll get creative to share materials like worksheets or graphics with you. For example, I may email you a worksheet to complete or an image to consider.
I take your privacy very seriously. So, I will go to extra lengths to ensure you know how to maintain it when you’re in your own surroundings. I will coach you on where to take your sessions. I will also coach you on what to do if you’re concerned about people or devices listening in, and more. Together, we will walk you through emergency procedures where confidentiality may have to be broken. This may include if I had to call an ambulance for a medical emergency for example.

A man waves at their laptop while sitting at a table. This could represent the convenience of online therapy in the United Kingdom. Learn more about online therapy in the UK by contacting an online anxiety therapist today! 60604

Clients who meet for online therapy report feeling as comfortable meeting online as they do in-person. In fact, many prefer the online format. 
So, what are you waiting for? Try online therapy in the United Kingdom Today!

Begin Online Therapy in the United Kingdom

Distance shouldn’t determine your options for mental health support. You deserve to get help where you feel more comfortable. I would be happy and honored to help you overcome the issues that affect you most. To start your therapy journey with ChangeWorks, please follow these simple steps:


  1. Meet with a caring therapist
  2. Start therapy from the comfort of home!

Other Services Offered at ChangeWorks

Online therapy isn’t the only service offered at ChangeWorks. I also provide both individual and group therapy services. I offer anxiety therapy, CBT, CBT for insomnia, and online therapy for ex-pats. In addition, I also offer life transition therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, and therapy for women’s issues. Feel free to visit my FAQ for more helpful info!