Therapy for Life Transitions

Therapy for Life Transitions

“The only thing constant is change.”

~ Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

Life is full of changes. From the exciting beginnings to the bittersweet endings, life throws you all kinds of unexpected twists and turns. Most humans find change to be uncomfortable and challenging. This makes sense! Life changes and transitions take you out of your routine and comfort zone. Even the most exciting of life transitions can bring on anxiety, uncertainty, and sadness. 

Coping with Major Life Change can be Challenging

This image is of a woman in a professional job. This image represents the daily life of someone struggling with moving house stress and coping with life change mental health in Surrey, UK. They could get help in therapy for life transitions in Surrey, UK.

Many people have expectations and even mental timelines for themselves about when they’ll accomplish certain milestones. This can include when to graduate from college, get married, have a baby, or get paid a certain salary, among many other aspirations. While it’s certainly healthy to have goals, sticking to a rigid timeline in life can often hold you back. Often, folks who stick to these timelines miss out on the present moment. They also might miss out on opportunities that could have been life-altering in the best of ways.

Taking risks and being open to change can be scary, but it can also be so, so liberating. It’s likely that you’ve already experienced some big changes in your life. And while those may have been tough, you made it out on the other side. In fact, you probably learned a lot about yourself and what you want out of life in the process.

Support During Life Transitions

This image is of a father and daughter looking happy. This could depict someone coping with life change mental health in London, UK or self discovery. Get started with therapy for life transitions in London, UK today. Perhaps your partner has been the catalyst for this change. Or you never asked for this big change, but something outside of your control has brought you here. There are many reasons that you could be in this new season of life. And depending on your unique circumstances, you might feel isolated. Or you might be questioning what your life is going to look like moving forward. Regardless of what transition has brought you to this place, you deserve support while figuring it all out.

That’s where the support comes in. In my years as a therapist for life transitions, I’ve helped many individuals move through change and find meaning. It’s not uncommon to feel isolated or lonely while navigating life transitions. Many people in your life won’t totally understand what you’re going through. And while they can try to offer support, it may not be what you’re really needing. 

Therapy for Life Transitions Can Help

Talking with a therapist during seasons of transitions can provide an open, nonjudgmental space to voice the things you’ve kept inside. Those self-doubts, frustrations with others, and questions about your purpose are welcomed here. Further, I help folks before, during, and after these changes. So, if you’re in search of support while making decisions about your next steps, I’d be happy to help. There are a few common life transitions that I help clients through. However, this is not an exhaustive list.

Image of a family holding a cut out of a house. This image represents a family who is dealing with moving house stress in Edinburgh, UK for the life transitions they're going through. Get support for bereavement counselling, self discovery, and more with a life transition therapist.

  • Losing a loved one
  • Changing jobs, careers, or fields, along with going back to school
  • Moving to a new city, state, or country
  • Graduating from college and experiencing your first professional role
  • Becoming an empty nester
  • Retirement
  • Relationship transitions, like engagement, marriage, and divorce
  • Not accomplishing the goal timeline you’ve set for yourself

Going through big transitions like these, among others, can bring up questions about your identities as well as your purpose in life. And sometimes fear, shame, or guilt can hold you back from asking for support. As a therapist, I believe that you deserve to be heard and helped. I want to help you find meaning during this season of life. And I want to help you identify what life looks like moving forward.

Ready to Start Therapy for Life Transitions?

I help individuals find meaning and connection in their lives. Going through big moves, relationship transitions, and career beginnings are only a handful of the topics I’ve helped clients with in the past. And while my online therapy practice is located in the United Kingdom, I also provide therapy to folks in the United States and internationally. So, we can conveniently meet amidst the chaos of life transitions. Ready to get started? Follow the steps below.

Other Services Offered at ChangeWorks

As an experienced therapist, I want to help create solutions for all of the struggles you’re experiencing. And while my practice is located in the United Kingdom, I still meet with individuals across the globe. I use mindfulness and other approaches to help women, college students, and expats. Additionally, I specialize in providing CBT for insomnia. So if sleep is affecting your daily functioning, we can incorporate strategies for better sleep, too.